Wedding Bouquet 2020

Bridal Bouquet 2020 Eco Recycling

Wedding Bouquet 2020

Here we go again. Only a few months to go until the end of the year, but the maison of wedding fashion , have already established what the trends for the bride 2020 . And among these, there can not be, the wedding bouquet 2020 .

Trendy bouquet in 2020

Greta Thunberg, has brought to world attention the need to take a 100% sustainable path, to save the planet from the inevitable environmental disasters it faces due to the rise in global temperatures. Fashion could not be deaf to this appeal, which is why many designers have decided to ride these ideas.

L’ sustainable approach to marriage it can also start from bouquet of flowers , which can be made from alternative materials. There are various ways to create a wonderful (and unlike fresh flowers lasts forever) and fashionable bouquet. These roads go through the type of material used.

As for the shape and colors no problem. Indeed … a fake flower bouquet it allows you to realize any idea that comes to mind: single flower, waterfall, drop, dome, classic, etc. and to perfectly reproduce any type of flower and in any color. Here are some examples.

Cascading bouquet

The cascading bouquet it is one of the most popular among taller brides, due to its elongated conformation, like a cascade of flowers. The brides 2020 they will be able to see it made of paper or fabric, but also with other alternative materials, depending on the type of flower that will be made.

cascading bouquet 2020

Cascading bouquet


Domed bouquet

The domed bouquet it has always been preferred by brides who want to have a beautiful, light and practical bouquet with them. It has its own particular charm and goes perfectly with almost any type of wedding dress. Available in various materials (even mixed) and in many shades of color.


Domed bouquet


Teardrop bouquet

The teardrop bouquet it’s a slightly shorter cascading bouquet. With this bouquet you can unleash your imagination in terms of colors and usable materials. He promises to be the prince of the wedding bouquet 2020 . In the photo, it was made with pearls and diamonds, to create a jewel bouquet.

Jewel drop bouquet 2020

Jewel drop bouquet


Shabby bouquet

Shabby chic wedding bouquet 2020

Shabby Chic Wedding Bouquet

Style Shabby Chic it is something that has taken hold and has no intention of letting itself be sidelined. For all brides who adore shabby chic, I propose a bouquet 2020 in this style but made in alternative materials: crepe paper, cloth, raffia, lace and other materials.


Boho Chic Bouquet

Like the shabby, also the Boho Chic has now become part of the taste of thousands of brides. An ever-current style, also in this 2020. THE boho chic bouquet they always turn out to be impactful.

2020 Boho Chic Wedding Bouquet

Boho Chic Wedding Bouquet



Monofiore Bouquet

The single flower bouquet it is a fine and elegant composition. There are not many brides who choose it, attracted more by the classic “bouquet of flowers”. In reality, accompanied by other elements, it forms a elegant wedding bouquet and in some ways chic . Ideal for brides who want to stand out and love originality.

Single flower bridal bouquet 2020

Monofiore Bride Bouquet



Bouquet Handbag

Here is a particular bouquet that more and more brides are appreciating. Its strength is in practicality as it can be carried as one handbag , a gesture we women are used to. This feature is also suitable for brides who feel awkward having to have the classic bouquet in their hands all day.

Bouquet Handbag Shabby Chic Brides 2020

Bouquet Shabby Chic Handbag



Eco-Recycling Bouquet

The ecological bouquet par excellence, the one made by recycling materials. However, don’t think about plastic bottles or scraps of objects. Its creation is very carefully designed and requires more effort than all other types of bouquets, if you want to come up with a unique work of art. The true wedding bouquet 2020 is just the eco-recycling bouquet !

Bridal Bouquet 2020 Eco Recycling

Bridal Bouquet 2020 Eco Recycling



Elegant Bouquet

For brides who want to be elegant, without giving up a classic and romantic touch, bouquets can be made with different materials to reproduce elegant flowers such as calla lilies or orchids, the classic roses or peonies. In short, if you love elegance a fake flower bouquet handcrafted always guarantees it.

Elegant bouquet of orchids and roses


Minimal Bouquet

Minimal look, minimal bouquet . For the newlyweds who prefer a simple but elegant dress, a bouquet of this type could be interesting. Even if, thanks to the artistic vein, it is possible to produce decidedly minimal bouquets elegant and refined .

Bridal bouquet 2020 white and silver 2020 collection

Minimal white and silver wedding bouquet


In short, the ways and manners to show off a bridal bouquet beautiful and at the same time eco friendly there are many with i alternative bouquets . It is up to you to choose to take sides in favor of our beloved planet.


Check out all my alternative bridal bouquets .



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