Wedding bouquet 2022


Wedding bouquet 2022

The wedding day must not only be an exciting and engaging event, but best represent the character and personality of the couple and, in particular, of the bride who will be the real star of the party.
The bouquet plays a fundamental role within the outfit, and must be created following the trends of the moment and the preferences of the bride to be perfect .
What are the fashion trends of the bridal bouquet 2022 ? Let’s find out together, including colors, designs and types of flowers to choose from.

Bridal bouquet 2022 and the most classic floral combinations

Let’s start from the idea of bride bouquet with a more classic and traditional shape, the one with the rose , symbol of love and an eternal promise.
Despite the old-style compositions with red roses, passion par excellence, the trendy wedding bouquets for 2022 it also includes more sober combinations in the total white mood.

I speak of the compositions with white roses, calla lilies and peonies , enriched with ivory satin ribbons and small sparkling crystals.

The combinations of white and candid buttercups that form small are also very successful compact and round bouquets . They can be embellished with candy pink and silver ribbons, perhaps even long and reaching to the ground.

Wedding bouquet 2022: calla lilies and wildflowers for trendy brides

If you are looking for the perfect wedding bouquet for your country style or shabby chic wedding dress, calla lilies and wildflowers are the right choice, to be enriched with sunflowers And ears of wheat .

ears of wheat bouquet

According to the trends of 2020, the bridal bouquet is unstructured and almost “disheveled”, apparently wild and spontaneous, but studied in detail.

To get a concrete idea of what I mean, I refer you to bouquet of the month of August which, as you can see, represents a rustic mood. The composition includes wildflowers , iceberg roses, September , ivy and ears of wheat , made entirely by hand in eco-friendly Indian silk.


What stands out immediately is the decomposed and unstructured design , with asymmetrical faces and an alternative height to the usual format.

The result is a bouquet that is always different with every movement of the bride , with each shot of the photographer, like a frame that is renewed indefinitely.
This is precisely the trendy mood for 2022 : a different and less rigorous bouquet, certainly original and with a strong aesthetic impact.

THE silk flowers they are a guarantee to obtain a particular result with a unique elegance.

A spontaneous bouquet of flowers that has its roots in antiquity

The bride’s bouquet does not have a purely aesthetic meaning and is not only used to complete the wedding dress with a floral stitch.

In reality, its reason for existing is sentimental, precisely because it represents the love and the relationship that is established between the two spouses.

The bridal bouquet it is the result of that ancient one bouquet of flowers that the knight offered to his lady to express his sentiment and seal the engagement in his eyes and those of the family.

In ancient times, it is said that man got up at dawn and went to the fields to pick the most beautiful flowers, still wet from the morning dew.

From this spontaneous composition and made on the spot , but full of love, the bridal bouquet is born which is the natural evolution of the bouquet to be given to the beloved.

The bouquet 2022 for the trendy bride to be, therefore, it represents a naïve and almost wild approach.


This trend is very popular with very young girls, and especially in a wedding dress reminiscent of flower children and hippies. Choose yours rustic wedding bouquet if you are planning an en plein air ceremony and refreshments in the countryside!



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