Wedding bouquet for Pamela with feathers and ranunculus


Wedding bouquet for Pamela with feathers and ranunculus

Pamela is an Unusual bride who contacted me and told me immediately that she would have liked flowers with feathers for her bridal bouquet . Determined, direct and very sure of the fact that the flowers seen in bouquet of feathers , present in my catalog, were the right ones for his bouquet.

Photo: Alessandro Di Marco PhotoLab

Location: Variselle di Roppolo estate

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A wedding dedicated to feathers

Pamela is a bride who when she contacted me was super confident about what she wanted inside her bouquet.

He said to me, “I love those flowers I saw in yours bouquet of feathers ! And so I would like them in my bouquet. ”



I began to establish a telephone “relationship” with Pamela, which would give me the possibility of creating a harmony with her. Harmony that then leads to mutual trust, which is fundamental.
I love to build these relationships, to be able to receive all the emotions that the bride is experiencing.
This way of working is the key to inspiration, which allows me to create a creation that represents the one who relies on Unusual Bouquet.


He told me the main color of the wedding , it was red …

pointing out that roses weren’t her favorite flower. But I don’t know why, I kind of guessed that they did not fit into his strings. Now after years of experience, I perceive what a bride may like or not. And Paola was not a bride of roses.

From the way she talked to me on the phone, I felt she was an unusual but classy woman. So I had to find the right balance between particularity and elegance. We needed a strong and decisive flower. Characteristics that he had passed on to me from the first phone call.


I offered her some red buttercups to match her bouquet and in the end she replied. “Ok! Do you I trust!”

It is a phrase that I often hear, having arrived at a certain point in the production of an order.

I have noticed, that once my brides feel understood and supported, they eventually abandon themselves and understand that they can be totally trusted.

So when I hear “Ok! Do you trust me!” it’s like adding a new piece to my professional experience. Because I know I have achieved one of my goals, to create a common thread between me and the bride. Achieving this result is important for me, since I have to create a creation that must express the bride who commissioned it to me.



Thanks to Unusual brides, I always set myself new goals to achieve and evolve as an artist. I grow up as a wedding professional, because they are the confirmation that nothing is conventional and if you want, you can be yourself even on your wedding day, debunking every fashion of the moment.

They fill all those facets of Unusual Bouquet, which take me to new creative planets.


But let’s get back to Pamela and hers bouquet of bench and red feathers . Once finished, I emailed her photos to show her and she was very happy. So much so that she also decided to make some accessories for her wedding, including the button panel for the groom.


I did not know of Pamela’s complete satisfaction until the bouquet arrived at her home. In addition to giving me a thousand compliments on the creation of the bouquet, he also highlighted his amazement at seeing the composition so carefully packaged. Receiving compliments also on the packaging is really gratifying.

You may wonder: “But why?”

Because what I do, I do it with a lot of passion and not only in the realization of my creations, but also in everything that revolves around them. I know that a presentation is very important and it gives me so much pleasure, to pamper Unusual brides, because it is thanks to them that I am still here.


And when I continue to have their attention, receiving photos of their wedding or with great reviews, I understand that all my passion and love for my work comes … it comes direct!

And it’s wonderful to be able to see them happy on their wedding day, with theirs Unusual wedding bouquet . It’s like completing my work done for them.


Pamela’s words in this review moved me. Comments that have also continued in my profile Facebook, after reading mine WHO I AM here on my site.

Pamela thank you infinitely for giving me so much attention and for the trust you have placed in me. Thank you very much.




And what you read was another experience of a bride who met Unusual Bouquet and from there, together, they gave birth to a new work.

Opera that tells of a bride: Unusual, sparkling and classy, just like Pamela is.


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