Wedding Bouquet of Orange Flowers


Wedding Bouquet of Orange Flowers

Hello to all my brides. This morning I woke up with a question in my brain: because very few brides choose orange flowers for their bouquet ? I know it’s a strange question … but not that much. If you think about it, i Orange flowers are one of the symbols of marriage, so I decided to make them myself!

Orange Flowers Bouquet

bouquet of orange flowers

Orange flowers

How many times have you heard the phrase “ orange blossom for …. “followed by the name of a famous person? This because the orange blossoms are identification of the wedding itself . But despite this, brides are very rare to include them in their bouquet.

So let’s try to make hypotheses.

orange flower

1. Seasonality

Among all the flowers, the orange one is certainly the most seasonal . There flowering in fact it takes place between April and May, a very limited period of time, but it is also true that it is a period in which many couples get married.

So we can say that orange flowers are not used in the bouquet because apart from a couple of months a year, it is not possible to find any.

2. The shape of the stem

Orange blossoms grow on the trees that bear this succulent fruit. Being a tree therefore, i stems are nothing but small branches , almost always with a non-linear shape like that of the stems of other flowers.

So inserting them in the bridal bouquet becomes difficult even for the best of florists. Difficult but not impossible.

3. Foliage and Big Bouquets: the trend of the moment

The latest trends in bouquets see an increase in brides who choose gods large decks , with full-bodied flowers such as peonies and roses for example e lots of foliage. Orange flowers, on the other hand, have small dimensions and are not exactly ideal for composing this type of bridal bouquet.

Orange Blossoms in the Bouquet. YES YOU CAN!

Since making a bridal bouquet with orange flowers frescoes is so complicated, to the point of not being proposed to any bride by the florists, I decided to try my hand at its realization (as soon as ready I will publish the photos). I don’t know yet which material I will use in concrete to reproduce this very delicate flower, but I’m thinking about it.

In my opinion, the bouquet of orange flowers and the perfect wedding bouquet , in which all the meanings and symbols of marriage itself converge.

In the end I did it and from today therefore, the brides who want it, will be able to show off their magnificent bouquet of orange flowers . Signed Unusual Bouquet .


And the floral decorations?

Usually, the decorations floral, recall the bridal bouquet in color and type of flower. If making an alternative bridal bouquet with orange flowers is a time-consuming operation, let alone making them for an entire set! The problem is solved by using jasmine or lily of the valley white in color, very similar in shape to our beloved orange blossoms.


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