Wedding bouquet: what to combine with buttercups

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Wedding bouquet: what to combine with buttercups

The marriage represents one of the most important events and moments of anyone who decides to seal the love for their partner with an eternal promise. And being a very important thing, it is necessary to celebrate it by preparing a spectacular ceremony and an unforgettable reception.

However, there are many details and details that should not be overshadowed at the organizational level: an example is precisely the bridal bouquet . The bouquet is not just a bouquet : it is a real symbol. It represents a personal detail of the bride and cannot be chosen at random but must be created according to her tastes.

It is thought that the bouquet originated in Egypt, in which however some were used herbs with the aim of protecting the newlyweds from evil spirits. Other sources instead claim that the bouquet was born in Arabia, where it was customary to decorate the bride with gods orange blossom .

Unforgettable is the tradition of throwing the bouquet , during which the bride has to turn her back and throw the bouquet backwards, towards the unmarried guests. The girl who grabs it will be the next to get married, while if the bouquet gives way to the ground there will be many children in the life of the couple.

Bridal Bouquet Flowers: Buttercups



In creation of the bouquet various flowers are chosen: lilies, roses, tulips, lilies of the valley etc… But more particular and original flowers are also used, such as i buttercups . These flowers have a particular and elegant shape, more precisely round and with many concentric circles. This is why it is difficult to look for gods wedding flowers to match.

However this is not a problem. Although it is difficult to combine flowers with buttercups, however, there are some that, combined with these, can create a very particular and elegant floral composition. Below are various suggestions and examples of combinations.

How to combine buttercups: bouquet ideas

THE buttercups Not only do they have a distinctive shape that makes them look like giant roses, but they can also be found in different colors: white, pink, orange is Detective stories. These can be easily combined with the peonies, in order to create an elegant bouquet.

Another idea is to combine these flowers with some rose, in order to make the very romantic and harmonious bouquet , especially with red roses. Even the white ones are perfect candidates, also communicating purity.

Other ideal flowers to graft next to buttercups are the tulips, which communicate gracefulness and simplicity; in this case it is necessary to balance the number of buttercups with the tulips, since these are much smaller and there is a risk that they will not be seen in the composition. With a good strategy, they can really make a splash.

Easily combinable is the bouvardia, although little used. It has a star shape that manages to give a little contrast to the continuous and circular lines of the buttercups. Those white they are perfect, but they can also be used in other colors, always based on the color of the buttercups




In general, however, it is possible to combine any type of flower that is yellow or pink and that has a green center. In this way, a harmonious and balanced combination of colors is created.


There are not many flowers with which buttercups can be combined, but the suitable ones, when put together with these they create truly colorful and elegant combinations. However, you can discover many couplings, so the advice is also to experiment! Let’s do it together!

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