Wedding Bouquet with Orchids


Wedding Bouquet with Orchids

Let’s talk about what to combine with a bridal bouquet , whose predominant flowers are the orchids . What other flowers to combine them with in the bridal bouquet? What shapes and what colors for an orchid wedding bouquet? Which wedding dress?

Bridal Bouquet: the choice of flowers

Choose the bridal bouquet represents a fundamental step for the path that goes towards marriage, as much as that of the choice of dress. Even the bouquet , in fact, as well as the jewels, the shoes and the dress, it helps to outline the entire style.

At the same time, however, we understand that it is difficult to choose between so many options and colors. If you have already chosen the type of flowers, however, you are already well advanced.

With what to combine orchids in the bridal bouquet

In this article we will talk about orchids and how these can be used to make different types of wedding bouquets .

First, we recommend that you choose the color of the flower according to that of the wedding dress. If it is a summer dress made from lightweight fabrics, then you need a deck consisting of delicate colored orchids .

At the same time, if you will be wearing a dress with a long train or princess dress , the bouquet must recall its importance and orchids must be used with flowers that are able to reproduce one waterfall .

Therefore, taking into account the color, fabric and shape of the dress is very important during the choice of the bouquet, considering that the latter can represent a compensation element in the look definition phase.

Simple rule paired dress-bouquet

In general, however, we can provide this rule: with simple dresses it is possible to dare with a slightly more elaborate bouquet, while if you are going to wear a particularly elaborate dress we recommend opting for a simpler bouquet of flowers.

In any case, let’s see what types of bouquets can be made with the use of orchids.

Bouquet of Orchids for the wedding: the recommended types

The first type is that of compact and round bouquet . This is the type of wedding bouquets more classic and can be made with any type of flowers, including orchids.

Recommended dress: It is a simple bouquet that goes especially with short dresses with a jaunty look.

Alternatively, a voluminous bouquet of flowers , for which it is necessary to have flowers with long stems.

Recommended dress: We recommend this type of bouquet of flowers to those who wear a bohemian or slipped-style dress.

Finally, the cascading bouquet already mentioned above.

Recommended dress: it is recommended for those who will wear tight-fitting dresses, mermaid shapes or with a train.

NB At the same time, however, we advise you to pay attention to the height of the bride, as this bouquet of flowers will only be able to enhance brides with an average height higher.

The bouquet with a single flower , instead, it turns out to be a fairly unusual choice but still a lot refined ed elegant. This type of choice is also more suited to column or mermaid dresses.

Recommended dress: column or siren.

Match the orchid bouquet to the hairstyle?

In conclusion, to provide further advice, we can say that it is certainly possible match your bouquet to your hairstyle . Many brides, in fact, opt for a voluminous one floral wreath able to enrich a hairstyle with loose hair.

The floral accessory, however, usually comes made with the same flowers as the bouquet and above all it is also designed taking into account the veil and hairstyle chosen by the bride. Therefore, it is possible to add an orchid to your hairstyle and adorn everything with smaller flowers, perhaps even in the case of tied hair.

The final effect will be that of a harmonious and very delicate look that will above all be completely combined. The orchid ranks among the flowers for wedding more versatile for the composition of bridal bouquets, flower crowns and floral decorations.



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