Wedding Dress Trends 2021


Wedding Dress Trends 2021

Simplicity and romance will accompany them bridal trends next year, which will be dedicated to weddings celebrated in the open air in spaces surrounded by nature. Let’s see together what the perfect wedding dresses for brides in 2021 .

Brides 2021: the choice of the dress

For those who dream of getting married next year or will celebrate their own with certainty wedding in 2021 , the choice of dress it will be of fundamental importance, for this reason it is necessary to choose the perfect dress in detail.

There trend for next year is to organize a bucolic event , which can bring participants closer to contact with nature. For this reason, the simple and light lines will be the real queens of fashion for brides of 2021 .

Clothes that can recall an image of lightness and romance , abandoning that idea of a heavy and voluminous dress, with a full-bodied canvas.

The dress must follow the natural curves of the body, fall delicately without forcing and be embellished with special details . The necklines must always highlight the sensuality and poetry of the feminine curves, without exaggerations that could lead to vulgarity.

The 2021 dresses

The minidress is the most versatile dress available on the market, perfect for a summer wedding and in an open space, less traditional and classic than an event celebrated in a closed environment.

Even the traditional clothes , like the mermaid cut, they fit perfectly into this romantic style with the addition of lace that can brighten the bride’s face.

Accessories for wedding dresses 2021

In 2021 there will be a return to capes, stoles is hoods with light volumes for replace the classic veil , which many brides find annoying and very obvious. A light and transparent fabric will make this detail fresh, comfortable and sensual. The tulle and lace of all kinds will make the dress particular and feminine, with a sweet and romantic touch.

The colors of the 2021 wedding dresses

The wedding dress does not necessarily have to be of a single color, on the contrary they will be used a lot floral patterns that recall nature and its elements. Pastel colors will not reign supreme, in addition to the classic blush and champagne, the better more intense light blue and green that can be in tune with the event and the environment. The pure white, now downgraded and too traditional color, definitively gives way to more vibrant colors .

General guidelines

Bring out your own strengths will be the secret to choosing the dress that best suits the needs of the body. The face must be illuminated with collars and bows that play with a delicate malice and sensuality. The choice of the dress must always respect the stylistic canons appropriate to the event, otherwise it ends up in excessive chic.

In 2021 you will have to think of a style poetic and sylvan , to which to adapt a simple dress , but sensual ed elegant that can give the right balance to the whole event. Next year’s brides will have to find the perfect harmony with nature and the surrounding environment to organize a sensual and at the same time tender and sweet event.

Particularly suitable i bridal bouquet with brightly colored flowers that recall the 2021 style and enhance the wedding dress.


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