Wedding dresses by Giuseppe Papini

_2021 Papini wedding dresses

Wedding dresses by Giuseppe Papini

“A beautiful thing is a joy forever:

Her beauty increases and never

It will disappear into thin air. “

John Keats recites in the first verse of the Endymione.

And it is the same philosophy that animates the work of Giuseppe Papini.

Wedding dresses 2021 by Giuseppe Papini

Always a proponent of an aesthetic of bride timeless, not subject to passing fashions, the designer proposes for 2021 a reinterpretation of his classic themes with the addition of some novelties.

wedding dresses 2021 Papini

Therefore, the traditional frock coat, clean in shape but enriched with striking details – from the indispensable bow Papini to the queues


wedding dresses 2021 papini

The classic princely dress with silk hand tulle skirt is proposed with a brand new embroidered lace made exclusively for the atelier.

The mermaid combines the sinuosity of silk cady with the romanticism of Chantilly lace, embellished with embroidered lace details on the décolleté.

And then you can’t miss the organza, magnolia, classic and pleated tulle, lace in all their versions – from embroidered, chantilly, rebrodé, alançon. Fabrics selected for their lightness and, at the same time, capable of giving shape to amazing architectural games.

wedding_ dresses 2021 Papini

All concentrated in twelve flagship dresses that represent the sublimation of the Papini aesthetic code for an elegant bride today, tomorrow and forever.

Twelve dresses that are a continuum with the previous bridal collection and with the wedding dresses to come in the future.

Made Italy by Papini

Never before in this particular moment of history, the made in Italy it is establishing itself more than ever, also rediscovering facets that had long been forgotten due to large distribution chains.

wedding dresses 2021_Papini

Stylists like Giuseppe Papini they are a clear example to follow and they teach us how despite everything, the only thing that can never stop is Italian craftsmanship, a gift that has always been handed down to us and that identifies us all over the world with the brand of made in Italy.

I am sure that you too, friend, are very proud to be able to find in your country, products that are generally very desired abroad.

You have the ability to have all of this at your fingertips. You have the opportunity to make use of skilled hands that will be able to highlight your figure, bringing out the bride in you.

After years of Wedding I must say that I have seen many brides who unfortunately, on their wedding day, were not valued. This happens because there is a tendency to transform the person into another, following the fashions of the moment. As if a fashion can be good for everyone.

The wishes of the customer are not listened to.

The day of your wedding you don’t have to be someone else but you have to be yourself, I know it’s not easy because maybe you dress casual every day and therefore it’s not easy to be yourself thinking of yourself as a bride. But if you feel confused and you don’t know where to go, then I highly recommend that you rely on professionals who will understand you right away.

They will know how to help you choose the right wedding dress for you, they will know how to advise you, but above all, they will know how to listen to you.

They will put all their experience at your disposal.

Marries Giuseppe-Papini

In a handcrafted dress, you will be able to rediscover yourself and professionals like Giuseppe Papini , they will help you do it.


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