Wedding flowers? Discover silk flowers.


Wedding flowers? Discover silk flowers.

When organizing an event such as your wedding, you need to take care of the smallest details, including certain rituals such as the bride’s entry into the Church.

Whether it’s an old-fashioned wedding, or a new age event , it’s an important day in a woman’s life!

Wedding flowers with silk flowers

In addition to the dress which has to be something special, it is necessary to pay attention to the details, such as the floral arrangements and al bride’s bouquet .
Based on new trends in wedding flowers , the desire for a strong renewal is perceived, starting from the size of the bouquet, more compact, stylish, fashion.

Bouquets full of frills, lace and lace have passed away, but current trends, on the other hand, aim for a simple and refined floral composition , glamorous and trendy.

Less is more must be the watchword: better to lighten than to add and aim for something that leaves its mark, with class and moderation.

Enough of tacky and kitsch bouquets, yes to stylish bouquets , exclusive and of extreme quality.


When you imagine i wedding flowers more beautiful for your wedding, have you ever thought of a bouquet made entirely of silk?

If it seems impossible to you, I assure you that I can make your dream come true and create yours with my own hands bouquet of silk flowers evergreen.

Let’s find out together what are the advantages of one floral composition in silk and what is the added value of a work of art only yours , unique, unrepeatable.

Wedding flowers made one by one

What distinguishes a custom silk bouquet is the invoice completely artisanal of each specimen that subsists in its pure uniqueness. There is no one like it, anywhere in the world!
Precisely because with the silk wedding flowers hand made I can compose a custom design according to your tastes and what you like best.

THE silk flowers they hide a very deep meaning, a concept that indissolubly links the artistic act with the manual one of the craftsman.

Silk flower bouquet

The petals are hand drawn directly on the silk and then cut and sewn as if I were taking the measurements of a female body with a measuring tape and a pattern.

Working on the silhouette like a tailor or sculpting a statue, or even planing an ebony table: the concept is the same.

A design project of the highest quality standard

In addition to being a decorative accessory for your outfit, the bouquet it is also a design object which finds a different location and turns into pure art.
THE wedding flowers that the bride wears are a very important ritual that still resists the most avant-garde fashions and trends.

bouquet of calla lilies

The bouquet rests on the altar once past the aisle, and resumes itself before leaving the church, once the vows have been received.
In addition, it has a symbolic value very heartfelt, and can be interpreted as a love message and affection that the bride carries with her.

My goal is create something unique with silk petals , a exclusive bouquet for your most beautiful day.

Practical advantages not to be underestimated

Yes, each bouquet has a very high artistic value, but they are also design objects functional that offer you concrete advantages.

For example, you can choose yours wedding flowers favorites and I will make them by hand, in pure silk: you can decide the floral varieties you want, so they will not be damaged in contact with temperature variations.


bridal-bouquet - pink-silk-flowers

You can choose summer or winter flowers and play with the seasons: the floral representations in silk, made strictly by hand, they are precious evergreen details and … always beautiful.

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