What flowers to choose for the wedding? A decision that could be personal or go to fall back on the classic, or opt for the flowers most used in weddings. Let’s see together what are the most chosen wedding flowers by brides.

The choice of wedding flowers it is an important decision, a moment in which to take time to reflect. Depending on what we are going to prefer, we will be inspired to realize both floral decorations for the church or wedding location, that the bridal bouquet .

You future bride you are already overwhelmed enough by the many things to think about while organizing the marriage , for this I want to try to help you with some tip for flowers that will embellish your ceremony and that will make up yours bouquet.

How to choose flowers for the wedding: useful tips

I would choose flowers for wedding it’s not easy because they are all beautiful and colorful. But you should consider “ thing “you want to go and realize and” like “you want to do it. To this you can add” what do you want to communicate “with i flowers , because you know, each of it is associated with a message derived from the so-called language of flowers .

One last tip is to use flowers that represent your personality . Don’t be satisfied with the “surprise” (especially with the bouquet). The flower that represents you is most likely the one you like best.

What flowers to choose for the wedding? Here are 10 Wedding Flowers


1 Roses: flowers that symbolize love

Always in the top ten gods wedding flowers there is pink . The rose is the privileged symbol of love, but also of passion, friendship and respect, all fundamental ingredients for a happy marriage.

Depending on the colors it can represent more or less some of the characteristics mentioned above, with a particular license for the white roses which also represent whiteness and purity.

you can choose fresh roses or alternative roses , like the ones I produce by hand using different materials.

Choosing alternative roses will allow you to get a unique and particular bouquet , something beautiful and never seen before.

In fact, this flower can be made in different variations, equal to the real one or stylized. It is also very suitable for all types of bouquets but in particular for the domed bridal bouquet is cascade .


Wedding Flowers: Roses


Wedding Flowers: Roses

Wedding Flowers: Roses


2 the imposing and elegant Peonies

In recent years, the peonies were among the flowers most chosen by brides, often accompanied in bouquets by roses ( read bouquet roses and peonies ).

Majestic and imposing, peonies are a flower suitable for a domed bouquet or even as a single flower to use for the original single flower bouquet .

The name peony comes from the Greek and means “plant that heals”, due to the medicinal properties of its roots. The peony symbolizes immortality (a very welcome wish for any wedding), but they are also associated with fugacity , due to flowering which does not exceed 15 days.

Peony is very suitable for making bridal bouquets and centerpieces, but also floral decorations that involve the use of very “full-bodied” flowers.

My alternative peonies can be made of different materials, paper, fabric, crepla rubber, etc. and be enriched with lace, lace and ribbons, all to compose a truly suggestive and elegant bridal bouquet.

Among all flowers for weddings they are one of my favorites.


Wedding Flowers: Peonies

Wedding Flowers: Peonies


Wedding Flowers: Peonies

Wedding Flowers: White Peonies

Wedding Flowers: White Peonies

3 The English Roses

There English Rose it is a wedding flower that has seen more and more being chosen only in recent years.

Often mistaken for peony, its disheveled look makes a very rock bouquet but at the same time very elegant and refined.

It is a rose created by the Englishman David Austin in 1961, when he succeeded in hybridizing the old rose with the modern rose. Thus was born the first English rose in history .

There English rose it differs from classic roses for its “gentle” bearing.

You should also know that in England, on the occasion of great events, a new English rose is created, such as the “William and Catherine”, shown on the occasion of Prince William’s wedding.

Among the wedding flowers, this is one of the most elegant and precious.

Difficult to find them fresh in all seasons, I propose mine alternative English roses for the bridal bouquet of your wedding.

Wedding Flowers: English Rose Wedding Flowers: English Rose


Wedding Flowers: Alternative English Roses Wedding Flowers: Alternative English Roses

4 The Hydrangeas

Hydrangea is a veteran in bridal bouquet and it is often chosen to give a strong color and to create colorful and voluminous bouquets of flowers.

Hydrangea has a very curious history behind it. It was brought to Europe by the naturalist Philibert Commenson, returning from a trip to Asia.

Obviously it was an unknown flower and she had to give it a name and called it hydrangea .

But why? Hydrangea it was the name of the woman he loved but could not have because she was married to a very dear friend of his.

Here then is that the hydrangea assumes the meaning of “abandonment” and “detachment”. It is certainly not a meaning appropriate to a marriage , but despite this, the floral designers of the wedding world have started to use it successfully in theirs wedding flower arrangements , as well as in bridal bouquet ( look at the hydrangea bouquet ).

I would say that it is not the case to be influenced by the meaning but to look at the beauty of this flower for weddings really nice.


Wedding Flowers: The Hydrangeas

Wedding Flowers: The Hydrangeas

Wedding Flowers: The Hydrangeas

Wedding Flowers: Hydrangeas, Buttons and Lego



Wedding Flowers: Potted Hydrangeas


5 The Buttercup

The buttercup is a flower from marriage very delicate and Romanesque with a compact shape. Its colors are often bright green in the center and externally with warm pastel shades. But for alternative flowers they are details, in case you want to make a flower equal to the real one, otherwise any color you want can be inserted in every flower.

The flowers of buttercup they have Asian origins. In ancient Turkey they were called Double Flowers of Tripoli , while in ancient Greece it was known as the flower of frogs, because it prefers to grow in humid and swampy environments where this amphibian is present.

Tradition says that the buttercup is the symbol of gift of Jesus to his mother , Our Lady, transforming the stars into these splendid flowers.

Wedding Flowers: Buttercups

Wedding Flowers: Buttercups

Wedding Flowers: the Buttercup

Wedding Flowers: the Buttercup


6 Orchid

Romantic, elegant and very delicate, the orchid it is a flower that goes very well in bridal bouquet cascade but also domed. The orchid is a wonderful flower, which fascinates all those who look at it because of its beauty and at the same time, delicacy.

In the world there are about 20,000 types of orchids of different colors, and this is why some of them take on different meanings depending on the predominant shade. The white orchid expresses purity and innocence. The white one with pink streaks, represents lasting love with complicity and passion. If, on the other hand, the streaks are yellow, it is a symbol of love. The pink orchid is a symbol of femininity, while the yellow one is a symbol of friendship.

The legend that tells of the birth of orchids is curious: a young man named Orchis fell in love with a priestess of the God Dionysus and did so much that he ended up conquering her. The God Dionysus punished him for this by feeding him to beasts who made him into small pieces. But all that love he felt, and the cruel punishment given to the young man, moved the other gods who decided to turn his remains into flowers: the orchids .




Wedding Flowers: Orchids


White and pink orchid with yellow streaks


7 The Calle

Elegant flower par excellence, with a sinuous shape and delicate colors, it is a flower that alone gives a great presence. Precisely for these characteristics, the calla is a flower loved by brides, so much so that it is often used in both floral decorations than in bridal bouquet . In wedding ceremonies the calla expresses the meaning of whiteness and of purity .

The calla lilies are one of those flowers which take on different meanings depending on the color. The main meanings are however positive, and we pass from whiteness of white hue to the symbol of audacity of the colored ones that are associated to love, to passion and even to the ardor.

According to the ancient Greeks, who had to necessarily give an origin to everything, the first calla is formed from c drops of milk on Earth , from the bosom of the Goddess Era . This deity was one of the most important in ancient Greece which considered it patroness of marriage , of the marital fidelity he was born in childbirth. Its symbol was a cow and from here we understand why they thought of milk to give an origin to the calla flower.


Wedding Flowers: Le Calle

Wedding Flowers: Le Calle

Calla flower

Composition of Calle

8 The Poppies

Rustic, intense and decisive, the poppy is a flower much in demand in spring wedding bouquets , but often the bride abandons the idea of having it because it is very delicate … This with real flowers, but with alternative flowers there are no such problems and think about how nice it would be to enrich the bouquet with this bright red shade.

The poppy, it is said, both the flower of consolation. The fact associated with this meaning is linked to an episode that involved the Goddess Demeter (the goddess of the fields), who after suffering a psychological trauma, found serenity only after sipping an infusion based on poppy flowers (and I think 🙂 ).



Wedding Flowers: the Poppy

Poppy flower

Poppy flower


9 The Daisies

Delicate and romantic, daisies are the spring flowers par excellence and are used a lot in bridal bouquet by style country chic is shabby chic .

The daisy has meanings related to love. Raise your hand if you among us have never leafed through this flower to ask him if … he loves me or he doesn’t love me! A bouquet of daisies is a promise of faithful love.

During the period medieval , the women encircled the shield of their knights with a crown of daisies to confess their love to him , and themselves, if they wanted to accept a marriage proposal , they girded their heads.

I don’t know about you but I really like these stories and when I get to work to create my flowers, I can’t help but think about it and continue with even more enthusiasm.



Wedding Flowers: Daisies


Daisy flowers


10 The Camellia

Delicate and romantic, the camellia it is a flower that is seldom chosen for its sensitivity to wilt on hot days and it is a shame. Clearly it is not a problem that can interest those who approach the world of alternative bouquets, which, as you know, are not subject to withering.

There Camellia it came to us from Japan a few centuries ago and has always been a symbol of sacrifice, intended as commitment to face anything in the name of love and unity of the couple. A beautiful meaning that few brides bring to the altar, precisely because of the precocious withering that it encounters during the day. This meaning, however, does not derive from ancient legends, but from the robustness of the flower itself, which it is associated with solid people who do not falter during their marriage journey .



Lilium or Camelia


Wedding Flowers: Lilium




Wedding Flowers: Which ones to choose according to the season

There choice of flowers for the wedding is usually influenced by seasonality, that is, the flowering period of each single type of flower. With my parents alternative bouquets , this problem is not there because I can make your favorite flower at any time of the year .

I have often had brides who have felt refused the seasonal flower chosen by their florist, perhaps because it is difficult to find or delicate to insert in a bridal bouquet. Finding Unusual Bouquet, they were able to fulfill their wish.

I’m not here to say i advantages which in my opinion, are obtained with mine flowers for wedding handmade (among which stand out uniqueness is originality), but I let you visit this page where you will find some examples of unusual bouquet bridal bouquets . Check it out before reading on.

Having said this, I leave you with a summary of the flowers that are found during the various months of the year, so that you can easily narrow your choice based on the month in which you will get married.

Wedding Flowers January

For a winter wedding, we can choose whether to use the classic white, using some calle , perhaps accompanied with some red berries and with gods lisianthus with pink central. Use gods amaryllis from the bright color, it can make the bride’s outfit appear even more particular. Also buttercups they are flowers that go very well in January weddings and could be accompanied with gods tulips.

February Wedding Flowers

In the period of February, we can choose some anemones, especially if you have decided to be a rockbilly bride, these flowers are for you. L’ orchid pure and delicate, in any of its families it is a very elegant flower that could go well with both rose than in a cascading bouquet. There freesia, splendid in any color gives the possibility to give movement to the dome of the bouquet, perhaps accompanied by the splendid Hyacinth .

March Wedding Flowers

In this period the first spring colors begin to appear. And here is the iris gorgeous colorful flower, perfect to insert in a bridal bouquet. And if you have decided to be a country brides there primrose it is the flower you have to choose. Romantic and very delicate, the viola it could be a valid choice, being able to give that touch of color, without exaggerating. The hyacinth with an imposing and important presence, it could be combined with more delicate flowers such as i buttercups or le freesias .

Wedding Flowers April

If you have chosen April as the month for your wedding, then you can choose from a very wide variety of flowers. But which are the most chosen in weddings? Certainly the gerberas , reminiscent of the daisy, but with a greater size. Then we have the begonias , beautiful flowers with pointed petals. A flower widely used in bridal bouquets is definitely hydrangea . It can be made in different colors and sizes. Then we have the dandelion or even said shower head … clearly it can be inserted in a bridal bouquet only with alternative flowers .

May Wedding Flowers

And this month we have the princess of bouquets, the peony. Majestic and elegant, this flower has managed to obscure even the pink. The thrush romantic and protagonist of the bouquet of Princess Kate Middleton. THE orange blossom, delicate and very elegant and beautiful english roses .

June Wedding Flowers

In this period we find the queen of flowers and bridal bouquets, the Rose. Almost always present in floral compositions, this flower has always held the throne. The sunflower chosen by the country bride is a flower that goes very well with the ears of wheat or if you want a more elegant effect, the choice could fall on the agapanthus or on lisianthus. The poppy , flower much desired by brides.

July Wedding Flowers

A beautiful and very colorful flower to be found in this period is the lavender. Used in boho chic bouquets is the flower of dahlia perhaps accompanied by small ones daisies white and english roses .

August Wedding Flowers

Full season for weddings, in this period we see bouquets composed of peonies, calla lilies, English roses, roses and mist. But these are only the most chosen flowers …

September Wedding Flowers

Delphinium or speronella is a flower that develops in height and gives the possibility of creating vertical compositions. Astilbe much seen in the domes of bridal bouquets, this flower manages to give color and personality to the dome. Craspedia with a round and yellow shape it is a flower that is very much combined with fat plants .

October Wedding Flowers

In winter weddings, we can find flowers like the turbulent, delicate and very fascinating. There zinnia a very special flower is a mix between a daisy and a dahlia. There marigold flower with a very bright color. Amaranthus and Celosia , we often see it giving movement and color in winter bridal bouquets.

November Wedding Flowers

The flower clavel very particular in the colors and in the facet of the petals. The chrysanthemum beautiful flower, very large and majestic. L’ astromelia a very delicate flower, accompanied with the rose, gives a very romantic composition.

Wedding Flowers December

For the bride who has chosen the Christmas season, I can recommend a bouquet with Red roses , white calla lilies , red berries, small pine cones and why not some cinnamon sticks to give particularity to the composition.

Whether you have chosen to get married in spring or summer or winter, there is no problem with alternative wedding flowers. Choose your favorite flower and let us guide you in the creation of the YOUR Unusual Bouquet . With alternative bouquets, you will know well which flowers to choose for the wedding .