Wedding ideas: 7 tips for your bridal look


Wedding ideas: 7 tips for your bridal look

Here are some tips that will help you outline your look from bride . We know well that in the organization of a marriage very often you get confused and you can’t think of everything. Furthermore, inexperience does not play in favor. That’s why I decided to help you by making my experience available. Then pen in hand and let’s see together how to outline your bridal look.

1. The wedding dress

The wedding dress is chosen by wearing it and must be in line with the bride and her personality but also with the theme and location of the wedding. If you have chosen a country chic theme and your location will be in a village, surely a dress with soft lines and lace will suit the surrounding atmosphere.


Village of Tragliata

If instead the location is a castle, then you can dare with princely styles and accessories.


Orsini Nerola Castle

2. Consider your bridal look regarding the chosen ritual.

If you have decided to get married in church, when choosing the dress you will have to consider some rules to be respected during the ceremony. When entering the church and during the ceremony there should be no deep necklines in the wedding dress. If you have chosen a dress that includes an open back and a pronounced décolleté neckline, opt for a long veil that gives you the opportunity to respect the rules of the chosen rite.

On the contrary, if you have chosen a civil ceremony you will not have to worry about such rigor.


3. Coordinated with the groom

A mistake that is often made is that of not considering the groom in the wedding accessories. Groom accessories are a very important detail to add to the list as they will match the bride and wedding theme. Furthermore, one of my advice that I would like to give you is to consult with the groom, so that we can decide together the wedding outfit. Clearly staying true to the tradition of not revealing the wedding dress.


4. The bride’s shoes, an important choice.

The bride’s shoes must be chosen based on the dress but also according to the chosen location. If we have decided to get married by the sea we will certainly not choose a stiletto heel, so also for a location that includes a lot of cobblestones. This detail should not be underestimated, otherwise we could find ourselves on our wedding day having to regret the choice made. Also wear shoes before the wedding, so you will avoid pain on the wedding day and you can train in walking, if you are not used to high heels. Consider changing your shoes, perhaps having them customize some Converse .

provident alternative bride

Photo by Marco Giacomozzi

Most often, brides consider a dress change that can be done at the time of cutting the cake or opening the open bar. If you decide to go this route, you can opt for a two-piece wedding dress. They are modular dresses that give the possibility of having two different versions in a single dress. In a simple touch, you can transform your formal wedding dress into a more captivating one.

6. Accessories embellish the dress

If you have chosen a simple dress with a sober line, you could focus on accessories to make your wedding outfit special and extravagant. Definitely the bridal bouquet it is a detail that should not be overlooked because it defines the bride’s look, embellishing it. Whether it’s an alternative bouquet or a real flower bouquet, try to choose it based on you have wedding flowers you have chosen and the theme of the wedding.

7. Don’t neglect your hairstyle

Even the hairstyle must be embellished and the right accessories could make the difference. If you have short hair, surely a headband with a particular design could make your face particular and elegant.


While if you have long hair, a flower crown braided in your hair to coordinate with the bouquet might be for you.


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