Wedding with Paper Flowers

paper flowers wedding

Wedding with Paper Flowers

THE Weddings with i Paper Flowers they are becoming more and more frequent. This is a trend born in the USA (#maguardaunpo) and relaunched in Europe for the first time in 2009 by Chanel , in its advertisements. Paper Flowers , or paper flowers , used in weddings around the world to make everything that needs to be done with flowers: from bride’s bouquet to the decorations of the location.

Paper Flowers

By now the trend of Paper Flowers , which has already largely depopulated in America. This trend manages to make the wedding a little more spectacular and certainly gives everything that touch of novelty and originality much sought after by brides who want to leave their guests speechless.

In any case, paper art is also becoming popular in other areas, not only in that concerning i flowers for wedding .

This beautiful fashion could also be a great inspiration for particularly environmentally conscious brides who want to avoid killing real flowers to embellish their wedding day.

Paper Flowers Wedding: The magic goes on stage


chanel paper flowers fashion show


The effect obtained with the Paper Flowers will be able to create a real magic. The first to spread this idea was Chanel in the now distant 2009 during the Spring Summer fashion show in which he decided to decorate the stairs of the pavilion with over 7000 paper flowers . And again in the following years he repeated this experience.

Particularly beautiful was the event in the botanical garden of Milan decorated with huge Paper Flowers on the occasion of the presentation of the spring summer 2015 line. Creepy!.


How to use Paper Flowers in weddings

To begin with we can say that i paper flowers they can also be used for small details, not just impactful sets, and can also be used to replace traditional fresh flowers.

For the most demanding jobs, in any case, we always recommend the help of professionals in the sector, that is paper designers like me who are always ready to create what the client wants (but also putting our own ;-))

Paper Flowers Wedding Bouquet

A bridal bouquet made with paper flowers it can first of all solve the problem of keeping flowers fresh after the wedding, which are difficult to keep for obvious reasons. At the same time, paper flowers allow you to have certain flowers out of season at all times of the year.

bouquet paper flowersThe decorations with Paper Flowers

The use of paper flowers, during a wedding, can also be extended to decorations. In addition to using a bouquet and a paper bouttoniere in fact, you could decide to have it made too the flowery arch theme.

The arch is essential when you decide to celebrate your wedding in the open air as it represents the setting that will be the background to the most important moment in the life of the couple.

The paper flowers, in the case of the arch, will make everything even more magical, being able to reproduce too flowers enlarged .

paper flowers wedding

Paper Flowers for Bridesmaids

The same idea as the giant flower it can also be exploited with regard to bridesmaids. Their look, in fact, can be improved thanks to the touch given by a beautiful giant paper flower .

Paper Flowers for the hairstyle

Finally, the paper flower can also enrich the look of the bride, replacing the classic hairstyle made with real flowers.

Paper Flowers for the Location

Turning to the location, however, paper flowers can also act as decorative for chairs and tables , with variegated centerpiece or chair covers. Furthermore, an innovative idea could be to use paper flowers to decorate adults panels used as a scenographic background when cutting the cake , the photobooth or the confetti.

So, paper flowers can really be used in any context and to decorate anything, just use a little imagination and give it free rein. The magic touch will then come by itself. And be sure that using paper flowers in this way at the wedding will arouse admiration and amazement among the guests and there will be many future brides who will try to imitate your wonderful scenography.



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