Autumn is a magical season, studded with warm and very bright colors and intense and lively scents. More and more choice by future spouses, as a period, to celebrate their wedding. It is a season that greatly affects the mood of the wedding, so much so that it has become a trend. So here are some ideas for an autumn wedding.
Today I present to you a collection of wedding dresses , which left me speechless and fully identifies my way of seeing the Unusual bride. I'm talking about the Vision line of the 2020 collection of Elisabetta Polignano .
There wedding cake is a very important symbol in the history of marriage . Its roots date back to ancient times and still today it is present in the wedding world in a very important way.
There are not a few newlyweds who, caught by sudden doubt and eager to respect the traditions and the protocol imposed by bon ton, ask who delivers the bouquet to the bride and when. I try to answer these and others questions about the bouquet , following the rules established by etiquette and from tradition .
Although many couples had plans to make their dream come true by getting married during the summer season, due to the situation concerning the "COVID-19", it was necessary for everyone postpone the wedding . When? The first useful period will surely be during the winter . It may seem unusual, but i winter weddings in reality they have their own particular charm and are certainly able to give life to a "magical" day.
Given the objective impossibility of celebrating the weddings in 2020 due to Covid-19, the hope is to be able to get married again as soon as possible with one ceremony free from the constraint of social distancing and masks . This is well known by all those couples who should have crowned their dream of love this spring / summer.