Weddings 2020? We will get married in the winter


Weddings 2020? We will get married in the winter

Although many couples had plans to make their dream come true by getting married during the summer season, due to the situation concerning the “COVID-19”, it was necessary for everyone postpone the wedding . When? The first useful period will surely be during the winter . It may seem unusual, but i winter weddings in reality they have their own particular charm and are certainly able to give life to a “magical” day.

The positive factors of a winter wedding

Undoubtedly winter is a special time that many people prefer, compared to the warmer season. The fact of having to get married in the colder months should not be seen as a disadvantage at all, on the contrary …

The magic of winter: atmospheres full of magic and romance



This is the period of glittering lights during the wonderful Christmas time” , of the snow that covers everything with its white mantle, of heat familiar in their homes during the bitter cold.

So the opportunity to celebrate your own wedding in winter it will surely make it even more special and with a “magical” atmosphere.

Just think of the beautiful winter wedding dresses that differ with their beautiful and refined lace decorations on the long sleeves or on the bodice.

The Bridal Bouquet

Not to mention the bridal bouquet which can certainly be “unusual” and particular if you decide to have it made by hand.
In fact, with this kind of bouquet, you have the advantage of being able to choose a typically summer floral combination even during winter . But not only!

winter wedding bouquet

winter bouquets examples

You can achieve a wonderful winter wedding bouquet , choosing strongly fashionable and trendy combinations, which will literally leave all the guests speechless.

It could be argued that many of the wedding flowers more common, in winter they are not found. But are you really sure you want “common” flowers? On a special day, everything has to be special. And if you have always dreamed of your wedding bouquet with tulips, orchids or other summer flowers, please call me … I will make them for you.

Easier to find the services you need

Furthermore, it must be considered that in this period the requests for marriage services are somewhat limited; it follows that it will be much easier to find the availability of your church and restaurant on the appointed day.

Not to mention the opportunity not to have any difficulties as well as regards the availability of the services that will support you, such as the wedding photographer.

Your loved ones and your friends will surely all be present!

In conventional times, some guests often fail to attend the wedding. It mostly happens in the summer. Maybe you choose a day when some of our dear friends have already booked their holidays. Or they are forced to move their holidays to make you happy and be present at the wedding.

In winter this problem does not exist. This season, in general, everyone has the possibility of being able to free themselves from various commitments much more easily. In this way you will have the benefit of being able to have all the people closest to you close to you.

How and when to organize a wedding in winter?

Handmade bouquet

photo by Francesco Russotto – Wedding Photographer

Cold temperatures can be enormously glamorous, as well as the decor aspect of your wedding. An example is that of being able to organize in a “fairytale” scenario , or rather a “hut” in the mountains. Here obviously the decorations must be in line with the location. I am sure you will have no problems setting in motion the imagination that each of us is full of.

Or an even more tempting choice is to decide to get married at Christmas time . If you opt for Christmas as a time to get married, I am sure that your wedding will be unforgettable, for you and for those who will attend. You can also use typical Christmas decorations that will make that special day even more enchanting.

Many decide to get married on purpose around Christmas, precisely because they love this period so much. And honestly, the idea of being able to take advantage of the extremely suggestive atmosphere that this period offers us is tantalizing.

christmas favors

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Winter ceremony dresses

One of the advantages of getting married in winter is that you do not have to find “remedies” for the summer heat such as using fans or hats. But apart from this detail, how to choose the clothes for her and for him?

The bride will wear a wonderful winter dress paired with very elegant and chic jackets and stoles, while the groom can opt for a refined half “tight” in a wool blend or a tuxedo, if the ceremony will take place in the second part of the day.

In particular, for women there are very elegant dresses with colors ranging from white to powder pink, with tulle capes, fur boleros (eco I recommend) and artfully made dress coats.



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Are we sure getting married in winter is so bad?

A “winter wedding” fills you with warmth and joy with its warm settings and you can enjoy yours honeymoon trip leaning towards one of those perfect places to visit during the winter. Maybe in a place where it is in the height of summer, or in the mountains, especially if skiing is your favorite sport. Or why not? In that country that you have wanted to visit for a long time and that for reasons of time you have not been able to do so.

The important thing is to be able to crown your dream of love …. be it summer or winter, it will always be the best day of your life.


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