What flowers for the golden wedding?


What flowers for the golden wedding?

Flowers have always accompanied us in the most important stages of life. It was like this for the wedding, for the silver wedding and now for the golden wedding . With their colors and scents they decorate our tables, decorate the spaces and if given they make us feel special. They have always brought joy to our lives.

The golden wedding , the celebration of 50 years of marriage , is undoubtedly an exceptional stage in the life of a couple, a rare milestone that must be celebrated properly. There choice of flowers giusti therefore assumes all its importance in accompanying such a special event.

What color to choose for the gold wedding bouquet?

Whether you want to decorate your event or you are the guests and you want to offer a beautiful bouquet of flowers to the couple, you need to rely on tradition and make sure your choice of flowers and colors is appropriate for the event.

Flowers, as is known, have their own language. Give away flowers for the golden wedding it is a gesture that expresses all our joy and participation for this beautiful goal. What better way to show our affection and wish a prosperous future?

In the case of the golden wedding, the favorite color for the choice of floral centerpieces and bouquets is golden yellow. There is no better color to celebrate such a special and rare moment in a couple’s life. Traditionally, the shiny, precious and resistant metal gold is the symbol of a strong and lasting love, which cannot be scratched.

Whether they are collected in bouquets, to decorate the party room, in the form of a centerpiece or basket, the flowers for the 50th anniversary of the wedding must represent gold, a precious bright yellow metal.

What types of flowers are suitable?

For your golden wedding bouquet , it is always a good idea to prefer sobriety and elegance. No need to choose just showy yellow flowers or voluminous decorations. A great choice will be to create a neutral base and add golden touches both in the choice of flowers and in the external decoration of the bouquet.

A classy choice could be to create a base of white flowers that recall the purity and simplicity of the marital union. White has always been linked to marriage and will create a base of light inside the bouquet to make the golden flowers shine even more.

To this neutral and refined base you can then combine various yellow flowers such as roses, mimosas, sunflowers, buttercups, daffodils, tulips, daisies and pansies. The possibilities are unlimited, let yourself be inspired and play with the various shades of yellow or simply let yourself be advised by your floral designer .

In the decoration of the bouquet it is appropriate to use golden accessories. Give space to your imagination and create a unique bouquet for the golden wedding. You can use gold ribbons and bows, tulle, tissue paper, glitter and ears of wheat.

By following these tips, whatever yours is choice of flowers for wedding (this second event that renews the promise) for decorations and combinations, yours bouquet for the golden wedding it will be a success. These shining flowers will be a welcome gift or perfect decoration for such a rare, romantic and special day.

Symbol of your affection for the spouses or a perfect gift for your sweet half, they will be the perfect representation of the crowning of a life together, of a full and shining love just like yours. bouquet.



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