When to start thinking about the Bridal Bouquet


When to start thinking about the Bridal Bouquet

It is often referred to as the bridal bouquet as a complementary accessory. But what does complementary mean? And when should the time to choose it ?

Why choose the bouquet first

Anyone who enters my site and looks at my creations, knows that i bouquet who is watching they go beyond the simple conception of a bridal bouquet . THE alternative bouquets they are a real accessory. I often find myself defining them as a hat: “if it doesn’t fit perfectly you will never wear it.”

Many times my clients contact me before choosing the dress . This is because those who visit my site perceive that the accessory they are looking at is something that must be well thought out and designed. My brides are then accompanied by me on a path of choosing the bouquet and often there is also advice on which shoes to match with the bouquet, or which secondary accessory could be used, such as a possible belt for the dress or accessories for hair.

Given my experience in the wedding field, very often I also recommend where to go to buy the accessories that will be used to complete the bride’s outfit.

A journey together

Other than that, there is a path that we face together which is very confidential and intimate. This allows you to create the first ones works representing the bride but more importantly, the bride feels her bouquet because it was not excluded from the realization, indeed every material and every important decision was taken together. This aspect is very important because you realize that the type of investment you are making is not frivolous.

Basically they are not throwing the money away but you are doing something for yourself , respecting the feelings and with the support of a professional who will never abandon the bride, until the bouquet reaches her hands.

The Unusual Approach

The kind of approach you have with Unusual Bouquet it is atypical and out of the ordinary.

There is no choice of flower with a possible hypothetical description of the bouquet, as happens for normal bridal bouquets, where the composition is seen only on the wedding day … so either you like it or you leave it on the wedding table … and this happens many times. The goal is to really understand what the bride wants with a comparison and many messages.

So in the end, what you need to understand is that an alternative bouquet is not a simple bridal bouquet but it is a real accessory that completes the bride’s outfit in an important way. The alternative bouquet comes in second place, in order of importance, after the wedding dress but is often commissioned first because it is the one who brings color, particularity, originality in the figure of the bride.

Those who underestimate these aspects often regret the wedding day, especially when they see the wedding photos.

When planning a wedding, you often get confused. And it is understandable. For this you must rely on professionals of the trade. Make a list with the most important things on which you would like to allocate your budget and by no means discard your complete outfit.

Because remember that all eyes will be on you and that day you will have to be a “bride”, so your miss will have to represent you and will not have to have second thoughts due to costs. If you have to cut your budget, do it on another but do not give up being a bride as you would like because one day you might regret it. And believe me that often in the organization of weddings the money is spent more on nonsense than on what we really want it to be spent. I have had brides who have created a small bouquet and have satisfied themselves and then spend in the Atelier, double in a simple hairband.

The savings means this , make the right choices so as not to spend a mountain of euros. We must learn to listen to what we really want and do it e without constraints .

The plus of the alternative bouquet

At the end of the speech, the choice of an alternative bouquet is the one that will allow you to then cascade down to make the other decisions both on the dress and on everything else.

I can shape flowers of all kinds giving them the size, volume and colors I want, always going in search of beauty and uniqueness . In conclusion. if your big dilemma is the bridal bouquet, let’s have a chat with no obligation and see what comes out.

The time to think about choose the wedding bouquet it can therefore take place before choosing the dress and style of the ceremony. Together we will create the best bouquet ever, the one that will adapt naturally to your style and your being a woman.



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