Which flowers to choose for the bridal bouquet?

which flowers to choose for the wedding bouquet

Which flowers to choose for the bridal bouquet?

A bridal bouquet it’s not just a simple one bouquet , but an important symbol of the marriage which can express various meanings depending on the flower arrangement created. What flowers to choose for the bridal bouquet? Let’s try to do this using al language of flowers , so as to compose it reflecting our personality or giving a very specific message to our future spouse.

Meaning of flowers for bridal bouquets

Each flower has its own meaning and in some cases, the same flower changes its message, depending on the color.

Today I wanted to play a little game, to list a little flowers for wedding and discover its meaning. It can be useful for those brides who want to compose the bouquet, using the language of flowers to express a message or your way of being. So if you don’t know yet which flowers to choose for the wedding bouquet , Keep reading. You might find some good ideas.

La Calla

bouquet of fake calla lilies

There calla it is a flower that placed inside a bridal bouquet can mean innocence and candor. A flower definitely in line with brides with simple but elegant tastes.

The Peony


With the peonies instead, you can compose bouquets of different colors, such as fuchsia, white or pink. The peony symbolizes an auspice of luck and is considered by many to be the flower of true love.

The Rose


If you’re not sure which flowers to choose for your bridal bouquet, I bet the rose I am one of the candidates. We have talked extensively about the squad on this site. It is one of those flowers that changes in meaning depending on the color. Pink roses mean love and admiration. Passion red roses. Instead the white ones carry a message of candor and is a symbol of the most genuine feelings.

But there are also roses with less common colors, such as the orange rose that wants to communicate charm or the blue roses, representatives of the mystery, ending (so to speak) with yellow roses, a symbol of vivacity and jealousy.

The Tulips

tulips flowers bridal bouquet

Also tulips they change meaning depending on the color. The most used in bridal bouquets are red tulips, which according to a Persian legend symbolize eternal love.

Pink tulips, on the other hand, can be used as a symbol of romance and yellow ones convey happiness.

The Orchid


Another flower that is often found in wedding bouquets and floral decorations is the orchid, a flower seen as the emblem of beauty and femininity.

The Margherita


There Daisy it can be combined with a simple wedding dress, as they represent purity and goodness, it is also a symbol of good omen.

The Carnations

carnations bouquet wedding bride

The meaning of carnations changes according to the chosen color. Pink and white can be used to convey the message of fidelity, loyalty and sincerity. The red carnation, on the other hand, can be included in the bouquet to show that you are a strong woman with a good character.

The Hydrangea

hydrangea wedding bouquet flowers

Among the flowers most loved by brides for the composition of their bouquet there is hydrangea. It represents the birth of a sincere love ..


Handbag Bride Bouquet with Sunflower

Although they may seem like a particular choice, many brides enrich their bouquet with sunflowers. These flowers represent joy and lightheartedness and are ideal for country chic bouquets.

The Bridal Veil or Gypsophila Paniculata


A particular flower is the Gypsophila Paniculata , also commonly known as “ Bride veil “. It is a flower much loved by brides, so much so that it is used for the composition of beautiful floral compositions, in brides’ bouquets, on wedding banquet tables and to embellish the altar of churches. They represent all-female delicacy.

The Anemones

wedding bouquet anemones

Strange but true, even the anemones they can be part of the bouquets. In fact, they are the symbol of expectation, hope and expectation.

The Gardenia


Continuing, we find the gardenia which instead symbolizes, within the floral composition of the bouquet, joy, purity and sincerity.

The Iris


I close this roundup with Iris, a flower generally white and blue. It is the emblem of France, and symbolizes justice and faith.

THE flowers listed, are just some of the possible candidates to be in ours bridal bouquet . Thanks to them meaning, we can go and create our own, which represents us 100%, or which is a good omen, or finally launches love message to our spouse.

THE flowers they can be an infinite source of meaning. If you pay attention to the language of flowers , you just have to choose the right ones for your wedding. I hope I’ve given you some good ideas on which flowers to choose for the wedding bouquet .

And if you still haven’t come to a choice, try reading these tips on flowers for wedding .




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