Who I am

Hello and welcome,

My name is Jessica and in my life, I don’t remember a day when I didn’t want to be an artist.

When I first took the pencil seriously, I was very small …
I must have been 4 or 5 years old … I remember it was a gloomy Sunday afternoon in winter, those Sundays you don’t know what to do. I saw my father drawing with my older brother. This intrigued me a lot, especially since I had never seen my father draw.

Approaching without disturbing, I looked at what they were doing and was speechless.
My father knew how to draw and also well!

The new discovery made me want to pick up the pencil and scribble on a piece of paper, joining the group. What my father was drawing was a photocopy of Leonardo’s “Head of a Young Woman” painting. Driven by enthusiasm, I decided not to just scribble but to try to reproduce that drawing.

You might think it’s weird that such a little girl gets these kinds of ideas.
Yet the only thing I was able to think at that moment was: “I want to draw too!”.
At that precise moment something clicked in me to push me into that great undertaking, which did not scare me, far from it.
A flame was lit that still burns strongly in me and that flares up as I face new creative challenges.

But let’s get back to that design.
I was busy for two days, staying late in the evening.
The desire to dedicate myself to that job was so great that I used an apology with the intention of gaining a few more hours of time.

My father came home from work after dinner, so I begged my mother to be able to wait for him, thus exceeding bedtime.
In the end it satisfied me because when I got something in my head, there was no one who could make me change my mind.
In protest, I would sit in a chair with my hands clenched and my head down with all my curly hair covering my face until I got what I wanted.
After dinner, I would sling on that sheet until my father returned.

When I realized that the drawing was complete for me, I discovered that it looked terrible and was full of pencil stains.
You’re saying, “It’s clear you got sick, you were so little. You still had to be satisfied with your commitment.”
But I wasn’t happy, because it wasn’t like the photocopy drawing and it didn’t even come close to my father’s.

Showing it to my parents, they explained to me that I could not be able to copy it because that photocopy represented a great work, by a genius, named Leonardo.
At that point I felt envious of that gentleman who could draw so well. I remember thinking: “How nice it would be to have him as a neighbor, so as to go and see him to learn how to draw from him!”
But since Leonardo was not my neighbor, the only thing I had to do was to go back to drawing in order to improve myself … and under my mother’s advice, with simpler drawings.

From that day on, drawing became my favorite game, so much so that I spent whole days there.
I practiced copying illustrations from an animal calendar that my mother had hung in the kitchen. Or I would try to copy some images of Mickey and company that I found on the glasses of the spreadable chocolate
The internet wasn’t there yet, so I had to work hard to find designs for home that would be suitable for me.


One day, I was in the company of a friend of mine.
Together we were drawing and at a certain point he asked me: “What do you want to do when you grow up?”
I remember that I lifted the pencil from the paper and stopped drawing, thinking …
Then I jumped up and headed towards my mother I asked her: “Mum what’s the name of the work where you always draw?”
She replied: “The artist!”
Returning to my friend I replied: “When I grow up I want to be an artist!”
From that moment, every time they asked me: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
I replied: “The artist!”.




Once again you might be standing there thinking, “How is it possible that a little girl can have so much awareness that she can do these arguments?”
I don’t know what to tell you, I was born this way and unfortunately I can’t explain it to you.
But I have a good memory of when it all started.

And from that point on, I started preparing to become the artist I wanted to be.
I was so determined not to listen to anyone and I knew that any obstacle would arise, I would face it to realize my dream and cultivate my passion.
In short, instead of dreaming of being a princess on the big day of her wedding, I dreamed of being an artist.

Dear reader, I guess you too had a dream as a child and we both know that as long as you are little, dreams seem so close at hand.
Then we grow up and collide with reality and suddenly our choices begin to have a weight for our future. But when you are a teenager you do not realize the mistakes and how much they can affect our life.

So you will ask yourself, “What happened?”

Since elementary school all the teachers and later the professors recognized my talent, so they have always directed me to important schools in the capital. But living far away and being a very insecure girl, I chose to study at an art institute near my home.

A wrong choice for my education and for my future.

Although in the art institute that I attended, I met some exceptional professors who left me a lot and where I stayed in contact, that school was not suitable for cultivating my talent.
In fact, I continued to make wrong study choices, until I graduated in industrial design with an address in jewelery.

After graduation I still believed it, but I felt that something had gone wrong.
I couldn’t listen to that inner voice that warned me, because as you know, in adolescence you don’t really hear the voices of talking crickets.

I went on, trying to work for a period as a goldsmith cerist, but by now I was lost.
The blows came one after the other. My path had become blurred. The bitterness in everything I believed in grew stronger and stronger.
I was scared and disappointed in myself.

I finally gave up!

By now it was evident that I had drifted and could no longer see a course.
All those laughter from others “about being an artist” had won.

I had lost my Ki, my internal energy.

I never touched a pencil to draw a drawing and I thought it would be like this forever.

I started looking for any job, changing several. I could not resist more than 4 months, I felt more and more whipped and judged by not “knowing how to keep” a job.
I lacked my oxygen, my way of expressing myself, my life, I MISSED THE ART!
And despite all the efforts to find “my” path in another job, it was all in vain.

Oh yes, because as you well know, one cannot escape from one’s destiny, from one’s own Ki.
When we try to drown a talent within us, we obscure our path until we are completely lost.
And that’s how I felt, lost and completely lost, at the mercy of events.

Then one day a man took a photograph of me and it was thanks to that photograph that I picked up a pencil for the first time in 5 years.
I met a person who after some time became my partner, then my daughter’s father and then my husband.
With him, I looked into the face of another artist who took care of his passion: photography.



One day I took a photo of the two of us … to try and portray us in a black and white portrait.

I knew I was giving him a special gift, knowing my story has always encouraged me to resume drawing.

In any case…

I found myself with pencil in hand in front of a blank sheet of paper, totally awkward.
The pencil that was once a great ally to me had become a stranger.
I didn’t know where to start, I couldn’t even make a stretch.

Then my impulsive side made itself felt and I “threw myself” into that blank sheet without thinking too much. The first lines began to come out and I continued without stopping.
It was like learning to walk again.
After the drawing was finished, the surprise that appeared before my eyes made me be amazed …
The drawing I made was bad! I had lost my hand, I could no longer draw like I used to.

artista bouquet

The defeat came so straight to the teeth that it made me think that the soul of an artist that I had cultivated since childhood was no longer there.

I remembered what my high school life drawing teacher said in an interview with my parents: “You are very good and have a nice stroke, but your hand must be trained.”

I had lost my stretch and now it was time to train again!
Thanks to my hard head, I slowly resumed my route starting completely from scratch. I absolutely had to resume my manual skills and so I began to practice drawing, starting from the basics.

Dear reader, arrived this far, will you think that overnight I have started drawing again so as to become, almost an artist, thus making my dream come true? But no!
Because I was still undecided about what to do in my life.
Especially because my defeats had taught me that one cannot live on art.

So at that point, I tried to embark on a creative IT path, where I had many rewards, even winning prizes.
I was good, but it still wasn’t the right path, I didn’t feel at home.

Then one day, my husband today, he gave me a bouquet of paper flowers for our wedding, because he knew I couldn’t bear to see cut flowers die.
When the package arrived, I was very excited, I couldn’t wait to get my bouquet.
I began to unwrap quickly, eager to reach the goal.
Finally he was there in front of me … I began to look at him carefully.
I did not immediately have the reaction from: “WOW!”
I just looked at it inspecting it.
My husband looked at me and said, “What do you think? Nothing of that true? ”
I turned to him with a lot of love and replied: “I’m sorry because it’s a gift from you, but I find that this bouquet was done in a superficial way and that there was little attention to detail”
He looked at me and said, “You’re right! Why don’t you try to make them yourself? ”

At that very moment I felt a pounding in my stomach, as if someone wanted to shock me by saying, “Hey, wake up! Now stop! And now!”

I looked at him and replied: “Why not ?!”
And from that moment my flame was rekindled giving birth to Unusual Bouquet.




The following years were full of challenges and even defeats, but they never put out my flame, on the contrary it was fueled more and more taking me far.

I have now found my way again!

Today when my daughter is asked: “What does mom do for work?”
She replies: “The artist!”




Now you know who I am.

If you have found yourself in this story of mine and have come this far, it means that you are very interested in what I do. I have always been reluctant to share my path in this way, but I believe that in order to choose a person, you must know the path he has traveled to get to where he is now.
Even more so if you have to commission an accessory that represents you and is very important for your wedding.

There mutual trust it is important and it is essential to be able to get in tune.
Tuning that I love to build, in order to receive from you, all the emotions that your marriage is making you live.
This way of working distinguishes me and is my key to the realization of YOUR Opera.

I like to give advice that help the bride to decide how to define her outfit and more.
Thanks to my experience in the sector, also given by a wedding photographer husband, I was able to create a blog which helps many brides to organize their wedding and which gave me the opportunity to meet Italian designers like Giuseppe Papini .

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Well friend I really am happy to have made you participate of my raw professional growth. If you want we can get to know us , so you can tell me the organization of your fairy tale, which you dreamed of since childhood.