Winter flowers for the wedding bouquet

Winter flowers for the wedding bouquet

Winter is not the most popular season to celebrate weddings, but there are couples who choose this period attracted by the magic and the atmosphere it brings with it.

In the choice of floral decorations, there is certainly not the wide choice of colors and flowers that we can find in spring or summer, but the winter season still offers wonderful flowers and components, which we can use for our bridal bouquet .


The choice of winter flowers

Let’s see which ones together winter flowers we can choose for your bridal bouquet :


A flower that brides really like and is very reminiscent of the peony. Unlike the latter, the buttercup is composed of layers of more ordered and compact petals. Often it is shaded in the center of green color and externally in pastel white, pink, green. It is smaller than the peony and very delicate. Its shape gives the possibility to create compositions that can be ordered or disheveled.

The Dahlia

The giant dahlia is a flower composed of many elongated petals. In itself it has a very important presence and accompanied with olive branches and berries, it can be a beautiful composition for your marriage .


They are flowers that already used alone have a great effect in the composition. Their peculiarity is the central of the flower, of an intense dark color. You can find them in different colors and of course also in white

The Calle

I am a romantic and elegantly shaped flower. It gives the possibility of having a long-stemmed bridal bouquet. It can be found in the colors of red, white, yellow and fuchsia.

Foliage with berries

If you want, you can also use different types of plants such as eucalyptus, dusty miller or succulents, perhaps accompanied by rose flowers and winter berries.

Alternative winter bouquets

And in the case of the alternative bouquet , what are the proposals of the winter wedding bouquet ? As you know by now, the Unusual bouquet having no constraints, given by seasonality or by temperatures, gives the possibility of having many options available. Whether it’s a reproduction of a bouquet of real flowers , or of book paper flowers or a jewel bouquet, the choice is yours alone.

Handmade bouquet

alternative bouquets

Now you just have to choose which bouquet best represents you.


Photo by Francesco Russotto



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