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When you think about yours bridal bouquet , immediately imagine real scented and colored flowers, which can be coordinated with yours wedding dress and with the preparation. But it is often not thought that cut flowers wither after a few hours, losing their scent. Their color fades and their vigor also loses as the hours go by. All the beauty that mother nature has given him disappears. So what is the right solution to have a bouquet with vivid colors, lasting over time and eco friendly ? You can find your answer on this site.

The bridal bouquet that does not wither

The shabby wedding bouquet is a clear example that brings you to yourself bride , lover of real flowers, to choose a bouquet made entirely by hand.

And when I write, entirely handmade, it means that when you have bought it, there are only the materials to be able to make every single petal or detail you see.

As you can see the effect that this bridal bouquet has is equal to the truth: with it you can have lightness at hand, a memory that lasts forever and a single piece created just for you.

A shabby bridal bouquet with peonies and more

With a diameter of 23/24 cm, different materials have been used inside, such as crepe paper, crepe gum and the cold ceramic . This bridal bouquet has 9 different types of flowers inside:

Peonies , hydrangeas , bougainvillea , rose , wax white, hypericum coral, english roses and white flowers invented by me. The presence of different types of foliage makes this bouquet even more “alive”.

The stem has been worked in order to reproduce the stems of real flowers, and has been decorated with powder pink satin ribbon embellished with lace and pearls.

The bouquet you’ve always wanted

What are you waiting for, write to me to make yours bouquet of dreams ! With an Unusual Bouquet everything is possible!


Notes on reservations and delivery times of the wedding wings bouquet

THE bouquet of Unusual Bouquet are handmade and are unique pieces in accordance with the bride style and its chromatic needs. To do this, it takes some time to coordinate, find the materials and any shipments. For those with very tight deadlines, I recommend viewing the last minute bouquet which in principle requires less time to be prepared. Contact me to get a precise idea of the timing of your creation bouquet .

Let’s create YOUR bridal bouquet together!

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